When Evaluating Product Development Software Tools, Not All Cloud is Equal

As product development has become increasingly complex to manage across siloed teams and tools, the need for organizations to cost-effectively adapt and scale is increasingly important. Now that over 60% of corporate data is stored in the cloud. cloud-based tools have become mainstream within the engineering function. But the term “cloud” is used by vendors to describe a broad range of capabilities. Before making any software selection, it is important to understand what each vendor means when they say “cloud” and how to compare them.

In this whitepaper, we cover the three main types of cloud for product development software, public, private, and hybrid, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Download this whitepaper to learn more about:
  • A primer on cloud deployment options
  • The differences between single tenant multi-tenant cloud
  • Key considerations when choosing a cloud-based engineering tool provider