Jama is the definitive system of record and action for companies developing life- and economy-critical products.

We make possible
the impossible products
of the future

Our customers inspire us. We work with smart people who are tackling the most complex projects in the world, solving problems and delivering innovation. Our customers are building products that protect and enrich lives. We relish learning from them, incorporating their best practices into a collective understanding of modern product development, which we then share back.


Creative Minds,
Creative Space

At Jama, we all have a stake in the company’s success. We work hard and have fun doing it. Our walls and whiteboards are adorned with the art of our work in progress. We collaborate. We challenge each other. We drink local coffee.

When we built our space, we made sure it would work for us.

We live vicariously through our customers’ successes.

See how Jama helps companies building complex systems.

Our Customers

We’re lucky to have a first-class executive team.

Company management is dedicated to our customers and employees.

Our Leadership

We provide a modern solution for product development.

Learn how Jama supports a systems approach to building great products.

Our Product

The Jama Team

Jamal Adams

Barry Allen

Mike Allen

Marta Altree

Tim Anderson

Kevin Andrewjeski

Laura Andrews

Morgan Armstrong

Jeahna Atangan

Ben Bell

Megan Bigelow

Iman Bilal

“I build world-class software, and every day I’m excited about our smart and motivated team.”

Sander Verhagen, Software Engineer Technical Lead

Jason Birch

Neil Bjorklund

Priya Boopathi

Cody Borst

Jason Brewer

Adam Brown

Dustin Brown

Cary Bryczek

Andrew Byers

Robin Calhoun

Katy Cassel

Katie Chalmers

Michael Chan

Travis Chapman

Jonathan Cogan

Michael Cowen

Hang Dao

Ryan Davis

Seth de l’Isle

Bill Dillmeier

Mr. Brown

Jennifer Dransfeldt

Karvari Ellingson

Abby Embree

Lauren Espinosa

Veronica Ewing

Jen Fisher

Liam Flaherty

Nathan Frost

Cristian Fuentes

Zebulon Geary

Rob Gebhardt

Jason Goetz

Steve Gotsch

Dylan Gulick

Scott Gwartney

Jeremy Haage

Jim Hampton

Adam Hazes

Michael Hepp

Jeff Holman

Darrell Hosaka

Joel Hutchinson

Jason Jacoby

Jennifer Jaffe

Shabnam Jahromi

Philip Jenkins

Keith Johnson

Kristin Johnson

Isaac Johnston

Alexander Kahn

Drew Keenan

Souriya Khaosanga

Kristina King

Clark Knappenberger

Troy Knutson

Courtney Krueger

Maarika Krumhansl

Mary Kuch

Amie Kuttruff

Kenzie Larson

Todd Lemoine

Marshall Leggett

Whitney Luhr

James Mannion

Max Marchuk

Jake Marcy

Dana Medhaug

Matt Mickle

Eva Miller

Preston Mitchell

Davide Molaro

Matt Morgan

Clay Moore

Shane Morris

Ilana Mullin

“I feel lucky to be trusted to lead the creation and management of the support community, which helps our game-changing customers connect and find solutions.”

Kristina King, Support Community Manager

Jameson Nyeholt

Fred Osborn

Shane Patrick

Andy Patronite

Matt Payne

Aaron Perillat

Justin Phang

Ken Richards

Eric Rickson

Adrian Rolufs

Scott Roth

Jeff Sander

Ryan Saul

Anthony Szabo

Sam Schwab

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Kenji Sekino

Brooke Shepherd

George Siampos

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Melissa Tatham

Alekhya Thota

Sean Tong

Trey Trahin

Stacey Tran

Brad Treesh

Jennifer Vanni

Sander Verhagen

Mike Vischer

Laura Ward

Andrew Weinhart

“Sharing ideas, exchanging information, solving problems. Jama values the unique contributions of all who make up the team and drive innovation.”

Laura Ward, Strategic Customer Success Manager

Evan White

Madeline Wigen

Shawnna Williams

Erin Wilson

Jim Winder

Eric Winquist

Colleen Yeager

Connie Yoo