Marc Osofsky

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Turpen

Chief Product Officer

Colleen Yeager

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Tseki

Chief Revenue Officer

Keith Johnson

Chief Solutions Officer

Jeff Jilot

VP of Product Operations

Jeremy Johnson

VP of Product Management

Shane Patrick

VP of Engineering

Adrian Rolufs

Director of Solutions

Allyson Keo

In-house Attorney

Billy Ladd

Director of Customer Care

Fani Yaneva

Director of Global Demand Generation

John D’Addario

Senior Director of Customer Success

Joe Vetere

Director of IT

Karrie Sundbom

Director of Content, Web, & Brand Strategy

Kevin Andrewjeski

VP of Sales

Kevin Steigerwald

Director of Product Design

Mario Maldari

Director of Solution Architects

Nikhil Rai

Director of Product & Solutions Marketing

Premi Vinayagam

Director of Engineering

Preston Mitchell

Director of Global Consulting

William Stadler

Director of People & Workplace

Richard Watson

Practice Director of Horizontal Solutions

Board of Directors

Marc Osofsky

Chief Executive Officer

Dionne Chingkoe


Richard Wells

Managing Director

Tim Porter

Managing Director

Jon Lauck

Independent Advisor