Combine Software and Hardware Elements to Enable Smart, Connected Product Development

Gone are the days that a piece of hardware contained a few lines of firmware code reused over several generations of products. Today these products combine advanced hardware with an operating system, complex software, a radio and cloud connectivity. This requires the product development team to span across diverse teams of software and hardware developers. These teams work at different paces but need to be on the same page with regards to requirements, that’s Jama’s strength.

Jama Connect™ allows you to set up custom relationship rules, enabling hardware and software teams to blend differing methodologies in one tool.
real time communication

Real-time collaboration

Achieve faster input and feedback cycles, reducing product development timelines and getting your product to market faster with real-time collaboration.


Evaluate risk proactively

Perform risk analysis early and continuously throughout your development process. Standard FMEA templates minimize the amount of setup time for risk analysis based on guidance from IEC 60812. Spend less time on setup and more time on what’s important: identifying and mitigating risk.

live traceability

Live Traceability

Gain real-time visibility to assess issues early and address them quickly — before costly modifications are required.

badger meter

Resources for Industrial Manufacturing

Successfully Negotiate Product Requirements Between Marketing and Engineering

Alignment of your marketing requirements and product requirements is critical for product success. However, many teams still use simple documents — like Word and Excel – resulting in tradeoffs and updates getting lost in the shuffle. Instead, Jama Connect records the real-time stream of product tradeoff decisions — keeping all contributors informed and eliminating risk of making the wrong tradeoff.

industrial review center
Jama Connect’s Review Center allows systems developers to leverage higher levels of stakeholder collaboration and build those bridges between government, contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors.
requirements reuse

Requirements reuse

Help your teams to move faster and maintain momentum. Repurpose requirements that work to keeps teams focused and productive.

impact analysis

Manage change seamlessly

View requirements on an atomic level and ensure everyone is working from the most recent version. See how items are connected and get a clear picture of the impact of change.

reviews approval

Conduct reviews in Jama Connect

Simplify the review and approval process by capturing key stakeholder feedback from within Jama Connect. Initiate reviews on a document or group of items, or even single items.

customer experience

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