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We help solve the key challenges engineers face in complex product development.
With Jama Connect, engineering teams can: 

Ensure Compliance & Manage Risk

Jama Connect is engineered to ensure quality with frameworks aligned to key industry standards which streamline design, development, testing, and risk management while maintaining compliance. Teams can quickly see the full historical context around a requirement when they contribute to a project—reducing the probability of errors as well as the time and overhead spent on risk analysis.

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Increase Process Efficiency

Jama Connect allows teams to create catalogs of reusable versions and sets of requirements. With versioning, baselining, and change management of the requirements in place, teams are able to improve reuse, reduce design inconsistencies, and reduce the discrepancies found during testing, verification, and validation. 

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Improve Traceability

Improve change management with complete live traceability, linking requirements across the entire development lifecycle. Clear traceability allows teams to maintain a formal change management process; perform impact analysis; and reveals interdependencies within the process—making it easier to bring in the right decision makers at the right time.

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Streamline & Accelerate Reviews

Jama Connect Review Center can serve as the single place for reviewers, approvers, and moderators to collect and manage all requirements and feedback for a project – in real time.  Simplify the review and approval process with easy access for unlimited stakeholders to provide their feedback, resulting in quicker response times and faster review cycles. 

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Enable Effective Collaboration

Empower your teams with a single source of truth, so they can access the information needed to stay aligned and make informed decisions. View open decisions, issues, and questions (in real time) that require an expedient response and stakeholder alignment.  Enable secure, cross-functional collaboration across teams, customers, and complex supply chains.

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Integrate with Jira®

Requirements workflow management for agile software development teams enables effective collaboration across software, embedded software and hardware teams. Using Jama Connect + Jira, teams can maintain visibility into downstream development, eliminate late stage rework due to misalignment, and manage change throughout the development lifecycle.

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Helping Key Industries Lead Innovation and Build the Products of the Future

Aerospace & Defense


Industrial Manufacturing


Medical Devices

Giving Teams a Competitive Advantage in Product Development

Jama Software supports the needs of our customers by providing a purpose-built solution and services that help teams streamline processes so they can spend more time on innovation.

High adoption through an easy, intuitive, modern user experience

Open architecture that allows for integrations with a range of premium, solutions across the full ALM-PLM tool ecosystem

Superior customer support and services teams with industry-specific expertise

Our customers rely on us to move faster, simplify compliance, and redefine the future. 

Positive impact on our overall business has been the ability to organize information between different departments (shared services) in a consolidated place for clients.

Cynthia Nieves

Jama is object-oriented and database-driven, which is essential for effective management of requirements. Steer clear of “document-driven” solutions; despite the need for good documentation one is best off with an object-oriented tool that can also build quality documentation.

Erik Bluemner

Jama Connect Integrates With Top-tier Solutions

Ansys Jira Tricentis Vector

And even more integrations with other leading software — including automated test solutions— to accelerated and facilitate success across the entire product development lifecycle.

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Jama Connect Integrations

Partnership and Support You Can Rely On

Professional Services

We offer a full range of strategic, implementation, configuration, and training services. We provide purposeful, high-velocity onboarding to get you up and running quickly. And an adoption-oriented approach to consulting and training balances industry best practices with the practicalities of how you plan, build, and test your products. In addition, our core consulting and training includes alignment and launch services, adoption services, and optimization services to help our customers ramp up and see success.

Customer Support

24×7 global support with customer service teams localized to the US and EU. Additionally, we offer support programs for customers that scale from simple to complex user bases who are concerned about scale and efficiency across their organization. Our Elite Support program offers a dedicated technical resource, additional advocacy, and closer partnership within Jama. These support programs scale to ensure optimal success of your deployment and overall experience.


Get global best practices and industry certifications through our vibrant, online network of fellow engineers and developers ready to share tips and tricks.

The Value of Jama Connect

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