Analyze Risk Alongside Your Requirements

Analyzing risk is an integral part of developing safety-critical products. With Jama Connect™, risk and hazard analysis are directly integrated within your development process to give better clarity to associated requirements and mitigations.

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Ensure Quality and Confidence

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Built on Best Practices

Jama’s industry-specific, guided templates empower teams to instantly begin risk analysis, including Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) and FMEA, in accordance with international standards like ISO 14971 and IEC 60812.


Proactive, Not Reactive

By creating a structured, living document that captures design decisions and process controls directly within Jama Connect, risk management happens during development instead of afterwards.


Unified Expertise

With simple accessibility, users across the organization can view or participate in risk analyses, promoting cross-functional collaboration with contributors from different functions and geographic locations.

Jama Connect

Lower Risk, Strengthen Requirements

By having both risks and requirements in Jama Connect, teams can track data and make decisions more collaboratively, leading to higher-quality products, regardless of industry or level of regulation.

And when you update risks in Jama Connect, you always know you’re working from the latest version, because it’s updating in real time instead of getting lost in static, emailed documents or scattered spreadsheets.

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Solutions like Jama Connect have come to market and can provide risk management, collaboration, efficiency and regulatory compliance as aspects that strengthen, rather than complicate, each other.”

Frost & Sullivan

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Key Features and Benefits

Alleviate Compliance Headaches

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Industry Standard Templates

Minimize the amount of set-up time for risk analysis and plan development based on guidance from ISO 14971 and IEC 60812.

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Easy Export Functionality

Simplify audits and prove compliance by exporting risk analysis and plan elements to Microsoft Excel to allow sign-off in a document or part management tools.

real time collaboration

Real Time Collaboration

Immediately notify and prioritize critical decisions, pull in required contributors, and reference historical context to eliminate communication bottlenecks.


Jama Connect for Medical Device Development

A single platform that will help accelerate innovation and manage regulations for medical device development.

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