Changing Market Dynamics Require a New Approach to Accelerate Innovation

As a modern alternative to traditional legacy platforms, Jama Connect enables digital transformation with a more efficient and user-friendly approach to managing risk and compliance.

Why Teams Developing Complex Products Are Leaving IBM DOORS


Tedious user experience that slows agile product development

IBM DOORS is difficult and frustrating to use which may lead to limited product adoption and collaboration. The solution relies on heavily-trained power users which causes bottlenecks that slow development cycles and delay time to market.


Resource-intensive administration with limited visibility into true costs

Complex administration requires costly infrastructure, resources, and time to support requirements management. An inflexible license model limits who can access the system.


Limits ecosystem that prohibits best-of-breed solution adoption

High performing companies rely on a connected ecosystem of best of breed tools. IBM DOORS makes it difficult to integrate with tools outside the IBM technology stack, limiting the ability to integrate with the tools the teams want to use.

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Why Teams Developing Complex Products Are Moving to Jama Connect

Jama Connect is more Intuitive than IBM DOORS


Simple, intuitive user experience

Jama Connect supports multiple development methodologies and engineering disciplines to drive cross-team collaboration and alignment. Achieve quick cross-departmental adoption with minimal training.

Jama Connect is more Customizable than IBM DOORS


Customizable, scalable, and secure deployment and licensing models that provide manageable total cost of ownership

Jama offers flexible license and deployment models with unlimited stakeholder access for better collaboration across product development teams. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, the solution ensures flexible access for distributed teams anywhere.

Jama Connect is more Accessible than IBM DOORS


Accessible architecture to integrate with the tools teams want to use

Jama Connect enables integration with best of breed tools across the entire product development lifecycle. You’ll have access to a powerful network of options to get the right technology stack aligned to your unique business needs.


Jama Connect Solution for DOORS

Jama Connect is a modern requirements alternative to IBM DOORS with options that replace, co-exist, or connect to the DOORS supply chain.

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Replace IBM DOORS with Jama Connect

Our Solution

Rely on a Proven Alternative to IBM DOORS

Migration Solutions

Migrate from IBM DOORS to align with your unique business needs

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Data Exchange Services

Exchange requirements with customers and suppliers using IBM DOORS

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Operate in an IBM DOORS Supply Chain

Innovative companies use Jama Connect to get up and running quickly with a modern requirements management process that tightly aligns to industry standards and practices to support regulatory compliance. Organizations can connect to their customers and suppliers who are using IBM DOORS through Data Exchange for Jama Connect.

Co-Exist with IBM DOORS

IBM DOORS is embedded in many organizations and may take time to migrate completely. Progressive teams and divisions can get started on Jama Connect quickly while the larger organization works toward replacing existing programs over time. This approach is supported through a mix of integration, migration, and exchange services.


For a full replacement strategy, Jama provides support in assessing, migrating, and deploying Jama Connect. This approach includes services and tools to assist with IBM DOORS migration, organizational and process alignment, and industry best-practices focused on driving adoption.


Seamlessly Integrate with Your Development Tech Stack

Take advantage of our integration solutions with market-leading tools for design and simulation, task management, lifecycle management, quality assurance, and testing. Teams can work in their preferred tools while ensuring all requirements are verified and validated to achieve complete traceability.

“Our globally dispersed teams need to work on the same projects, and using our previous legacy solution was very slow. We experienced performance issues. We were looking for a way to expedite the process.”

Carmen Pazos, Diagnostic Divisions R&D Instruments Senior Manager

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