Migrating from IBM DOORS: Learn Why and How Rockwell Automation Made the Switch

As a modern alternative to traditional legacy platforms like IBM® DOORS®, Jama Connect® enables digital transformation with a more efficient and user-friendly approach to managing risk and compliance. And although the benefits are innumerable, some organizations hesitate to migrate to a modern platform because they believe it’s a painful, slow process.

You will hear directly from one of our customers, Rockwell Automation, about why they decided to migrate from IBM DOORS and how they were able to successfully move to Jama Connect.

In this session, the Rockwell Automation team answered the following questions, and more:

  • Why was now the right time to switch tools?
  • How easy was it to switch environments while preserving IP?
  • How did the Jama Software team assist you in making the migration process as smooth as possible?
  • What are the drivers for continued and expanded use of Jama Connect?
  • What are the key benefits you have realized since the migration?