Our core objective at Jama is to make your organization successful. With that in mind, the Jama Product Team is on a mission to develop thoughtful, data-driven tools tailored to your organization’s product delivery goals. Think actionable key performance indicators, insightful metrics and engaging data visualizations that leverage the dense relationships, active collaboration, and deep data structure you’ve already captured in Jama. Rather than roll out your standard, cookie-cutter (and no doubt, unimpressive) charts and graphs, Jama will understand what information is actually valuable to you. (Read: no meaningless dashboards!).

Determining these truly custom insights is no simple task, but our product team is committed and dedicated to doing everything we can to provide you the absolute best Jama experience. To support this initiative, we need to learn a bit more about how you use Jama today. In upcoming product releases, you will notice us asking for your anonymized usage data. Analysis of this data will inform our data-driven product development.


How will Jama usage analysis benefit me?

The data-driven tools we’re building will let you:

  • See and manage complexity by providing insights into each of your Jama projects’ structure, timeline, review cycle and status.
  • Ensure alignment across teams by showing you how each project is doing, how they connect and who is involved in each.
  • Track and increase the speed of projects by highlighting risks, including volatility.
Specifically, what data is Jama looking to collect and analyze?
  • The Jama product team will look at usage data across the application to understand and report on your process throughout the entire product lifecycle.
  • In the future we may reach out to select organizations directly to dig into the rationale behind the data patterns we uncover. Stay tuned for more details.
Are you collecting personal information?
  • The Jama product team will not access or analyze any of your personally identifiable information.
  • We are happy to share a sample data file. If you’d like to receive a copy, please contact the Jama Support Team.
Has the Master License Agreement (MLA) been updated? What has changed?
  • We added a section in our MLA to inform customers of our new data-collection capabilities and what we intend to do with that data. In laymen’s terms, this language states that we now have the ability to collect data, and with that data we hope to better understand how you are using the product. Ultimately we will use what we learn to create tools in Jama that better support your organization’s processes and goals.
  • When you upgrade your version of Jama, you’ll see the MLA display. We put it there to be sure you know we have made updates to the agreement.
  • The MLA is there to protect you from unexpected changes in our data policy. If anything changes we will let you know.
My organization has Jama installed on-premises. Can we also participate if we aren’t on SaaS?
  • If your Jama installation is on-premises, your administrator needs to perform a few easy configuration steps to opt in to this initiative. Please contact the Jama Support Team for more information.
  • By opting in, your instance of Jama will benefit with new tools powered by your data. Our analysis will result in more relevant and useful product delivery for your organization.