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Enable engineering and quality assurance teams to define, organize, and execute requirements-based test plans and test cases to ensure quality and compliance. With Jama Connect Test Management Center, you can streamline reviews and approvals, perform manual testing, and integrate with trusted test execution and automation solutions.


Our Platform

Execute Requirements-Based Test Plans and Test Cases

Connect Test Status to Requirements

Connect requirements with test status to achieve end-to-end traceability and ensure all requirements are verified and validated.

Streamline Reviews and Approvals

Involve quality and testing teams earlier in the process to validate requirements and review and approve test plans.

Gain Visibility with Dashboards

Smart dashboards allow you to monitor test progress and requirements to identify roadblocks and improve decisions.

Jama Connect

Move Beyond Testing to Improve Decisions

Verification and validation of requirements in complex systems demands speed, traceability, and collaboration. Jama Connect links disparate processes, sources, and people to increase visibility and simplify your path to compliance with traceability of tests back to requirements.

Jama Connect also gives teams the ability to:

Talk to an expert

Conduct comprehensive analysis of test coverage and quickly organize testing information to support an iterative verification process

“Jama Connect provides an overview of where you are in the test process, so you can see exactly how much time you have already spent on test cases, and that helps better estimate the amount of time left with remaining test cases still needing to be done.”

Matthías Kristjánsson, Product Lead Designer

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Key Features and Benefits

Mitigate Risk During Product Development

Live Traceability

Achieve complete traceability by connecting requirements with tests results.

Decision Tracking & Faster Reviews

Shorten the time from ideation to value creation with intuitive, virtualized review and approvals.

Prove Regulatory Compliance

Ensure each requirement is aligned with the test procedure to validate requirements and adhere to regulatory compliance.


Early Validation of Requirements

Involving quality teams early to review requirements is a powerful technique for catching ambiguities and errors. Learn how testing requirements helps teams identify issues before implementation, control project cost, and reduce overall development time.

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Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing QA & Testing Ecosystem

Take advantage of our integration with top test automation solutions to pass test data automatically between specialized test tools and Jama Connect. Teams can work in their preferred tools while ensuring all requirements are verified and validated to achieve complete traceability.

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