Incorporate Test Management Throughout Product Development

Increases in product complexity calls for test case management to go beyond a simple pass or fail. Involving QA and engineering team members early in the product development lifecycle helps find and resolve issues earlier. Quality improvements mitigate risk while increasing confidence during product delivery.

Jama Connect™ Test Center natively enables Engineering and Quality Assurance teams to create, maintain and relate test cases to requirements and specifications, as well as execute manual testing.

Jama Connect integrates with top test automation solutions, such as: LDRA, Vector, qTest (QA Symphony), and TestRail. This allows QA and engineering teams to work in the tools they are most familiar with while ensuring all requirements are verified and validated and achieve complete traceability.

Validation and verification of requirements in complex systems demands speed, traceability, and collaboration.

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The Challenge

Pitfalls of Ineffective Test Management

The standard test management process doesn’t provide full visibility to QA and other interested teams.

Delayed Delivery

In product development, delivering quality products as fast as possible is critical. Revenue loss can occur from being late to market, missed opportunities caused by a late launch, and competitors seizing the opportunity of your product spending less time in the market.

One of the biggest bottlenecks lies in long testing cycles. In most companies, testers enter the product development process too late. This means they don’t have visibility into past decisions and are forced to catch up by digging for information from a variety of people and departments. The result is the inability to quickly mitigate issues during the development process, which leads to wasted resources, as well as delayed product launches. 

Lack of Traceability

Testing is a key part of the product development cycle. In today’s world, the ability to create quality products depends on the ability to thoroughly test and validate requirements.

It can often be difficult to readily see how test cases are connected to the requirements they are testing. This makes the purpose of the test and the implications of each result less apparent, inhibiting a team’s ability to quickly make decisions and analyze test data. 

Manual Consolidation of Multiple Tests

Test case management can easily become a convoluted process. Often tests are scattered across multiple systems and teams. QA teams may only see a fraction of all the requirements, exposed only to those they’re testing against. They may also only see tests required at that specific point in time, and not be privy to testing efforts planned before and after. The manual consolidation of these results from multiple tools and time periods adds risks to quality and jeopardizes compliance.

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The Solution

Elevate Your Test Management Process

Jama Connect Test Center enables your QA and engineering team members to confidently manage tests and requirements with the same tool.

Quickly Organize Testing Information to Support an Iterative Verification Process

In an advanced product development process, QA and engineering team members are involved in requirements discussions. Test Center enables timely involvement and allows teams to better prepare testing procedures to ensure they’re happening at the right times and in the right areas, enabling faster time to market. Reuse in Jama Connect can help reproduce certain test cases which are specific to the new product being created, saving your team valuable time.

Seamlessly Connect Your Test Results With Requirements

By connecting requirements with test results, Jama Connect gives you an easy way to ensure all requirements are verified and validated and achieve complete traceability. QA teams and system engineers now have easy access to the full context behind the tests. Through the Jama Connect Review Center, you can see your progress in a simple, easy to view format. With Jama Analyze™, you can trend data on test progress and requirements to identify roadblocks.

Customize Reports to Measure and Prove Regulatory Compliance

When the stakes for regulatory compliance are high, prioritizing product quality is non-negotiable, and many organizations are modernizing testing processes to sharpen their focus on quality. Create custom reports that provide the information you need to prove industry compliance, no matter what industry you’re in. Through the guidelines set in the relationship diagram, organizations can ensure each requirement is aligned with the test procedure to validate that requirement.

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Jama Connect

Confidently Confirm Product Quality

Sophisticated test management software empowers your team to develop quality products and meet customer demands.

Give your Quality Assurance (QA) teams the ability to create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards, and reports to manage testing easily, in real time.

Benefits of Jama Connect for testing, quality, and validation teams:

  • Have information all in one place for clear visibility early in the testing process
  • Reclaim valuable time currently lost tracking down the right people to make decisions
  • See how tests track back to requirements to prove quality and compliance
  • Integrate with testing tools to import results and keep statuses updated
  • Trace failed tests to new and existing defects for quick resolution
  • Flow automated tests and results through our API to increase efficiency
  • Reuse validated requirements to save time when testing consistent features across products

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Connected Solutions

Jama Connect integrates with top test automation solutions to allow QA and engineering teams to work in the tools they are most familiar with while ensuring all requirements are verified and validated and achieve complete traceability.

QA Symphony
Test Rail