Building an Efficient and Effective Product Development Process

An ideal product development process requires close collaboration between teams, up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulations, and an efficient requirements management platform for defining, verifying, and validating requirements. However, not every manager is convinced that his or her team needs to do a better job on requirements development and management, or that such an investment will pay off —despite numerous industry studies which indicate that requirements issues are a pervasive cause of project distress.

In the third episode of our Optimize with Jama Connect webinar series, we’ll cover some of the ways our customers have used Jama Connect to improve not only their requirements, risk, and test management processes, but also their end-to-end product development process and outcomes.

You will learn more about how Jama Connect helps teams to:

  • Speed development with fine-grained, structured data
  • Spot bugs and problems sooner by improving visibility
  • Rethink linear development processes to work in parallel