Customer Story

How Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry Are Saving Time and Money With Jama Connect

Over the past decade, projects across the oil and gas industry have been plagued by cost and schedule overruns, exacerbating underlying cost escalation. In 2014, the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) was hired to initiate a study examining the causes of these issues. One of culprits IOGP found in its initial study was that all the major oil and gas companies were creating their own extensive requirements or specifications for each project, and on a daily basis were flooding 15,000 pages of additional requirements on top of industry standards

In 2016, IOGP began a pilot program with Jama Connect to help get the industry to agree upon standardization for basic requirements in order to improve efficiency, quality, and schedules while reducing costs. Read the full case study to see how Jama Connect helped IOGP:

  • Quadruple productivity on specification development 
  • Facilitate collaboration across the globe in real time 
  • Eliminate version control issues 
  • Increase transparency for reviews 
  • Attain high adoption through ease of use