The Impact of ISO 26262 on Automotive Development

ISO 26262 is the industry state-of-the-art for developing automotive electrical and electrical systems that must achieve functional safety. It places additional requirements on both the functionality of safety-critical systems and processes followed while developing such systems.

ISO 26262, in particular, adds requirements to the product lifecycle for automotive hardware-software systems. This functional safety standard acts as a framework impacting integrated requirements traceability, risk management, validation, verification, documentation, and collaboration throughout the systems engineering “V” model lifecycle process.

This paper examines the impact of the standard on both the development process and support tool chains for automotive electronics, and what it means for modern automotive developers. Among other things, we’ll cover:

  • The scope of ISO 26262 and recent updates
  • Ensuring that software tools and tool chains are suitable for safety-intense systems
  • Aligning your organization to best practices
  • Leveraging LHP Engineering Software and Jama Software to streamline compliance