Requirements Traceability Benchmark

Requirements traceability is a core systems engineering framework that has been around for decades, has been deployed by thousands of companies, and is required by most industry standards for complex product development.

Jama Software® is the first to measure traceability thanks to our clients’ participation in a benchmarking dataset of over 40,000 complex product development projects spanning aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, medical device, semiconductor, space systems, and more. All of this is made possible by our core product, Jama Connect®, which enables the largest community of engineers using requirements management SaaS (Software as a Service) in the world.

In this Requirements Traceability Benchmark, we examine how traceability is measured, and the business practices that separate top-quartile performers from the rest, including:

  • Focus on Live Traceability™, not after-the-fact traceability
  • Integrate traceable data across best-of-breed tools
  • Make the Systems Engineering function data-centric
  • Use model-based requirements to shorten and improve discovery
  • Manage by exception