Bridging the Gap in Insurance Product Development: How Jama Connect® Can Streamline Requirements Management

In an industry as longstanding, complex, and regulated as insurance, it’s easy for inefficiencies to creep in. Companies use the same old systems and processes that others have used for decades, and in the crunch to manage the day-to-day business, the drive to update and streamline can get lost in the shuffle.

But in the modern business world, where everything moves at the speed of the Internet and consumers expect new and improved products constantly, insurance companies can’t afford to fall behind on product upgrades and new product development. Old systems and processes keep products from getting to market in a timely manner. How can insurance product developers keep up with demand while meeting business needs and regulatory requirements?

In this whitepaper, we cover:  

  • Where the insurance industry needs requirements management  
  • The four main challenges in insurance requirements management 
  • Gathering, documenting, and reusing requirements