Why it Makes Sense to Store Cybersecurity Risk Management Items Inside a Requirements Management System

In this webinar, learn about the implementation of the Threat and Risk Analysis (TARA), the centerpiece of the new Automotive Cybersecurity standard ISO 21434.

Many companies currently use spreadsheets to develop TARAs, which can be challenging when managing large sets of requirements across distributed teams and car line variants. In this webinar, we’ll examine why a requirement management system (RMS) is well-suited to manage the TARA work product and can make a significant impact on managing this data across teams, supporting compliance audits, and assessments.

Attendees will gain insights into TARA’s complexities and how the right tooling solution can make a difference in managing this data across teams, supporting compliance audits and assessments.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Threat and Risk Analysis or TARA is the centerpiece of the ISO 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity standard
  • Overview of TARA
  • ISO 21434 compliance requirements when implementing TARAs
  • Why an RMS is well-suited to manage TARAs