Product Essentials

Using Jama Connect and JIRA to Manage Requirements for Software Development Teams

In this session you’ll learn how Jama Connect provides the ability to link JIRA tasks and defects to requirements for full transparency, traceability, and change management throughout the software development process. Product and engineering teams can connect product planning to execution and stay in sync to ensure accuracy and quality of work.

In this demonstration session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Link issues and defects from JIRA to Jama Connect
  • Support conversations across the team between the requirements and epics throughout the software development process
  • Analyze—at a dashboard level—the state of the tests, stories, and epics related to a project
  • Use the two-way integration between Jama and JIRA to allow the flow of information back and forth across the teams with synchronization, providing a single source repository and full traceability