Unlocking The Power of Live Traceability with Jama Connect

In today’s world, successful organizations anchor their innovation and complex product development processes on interconnected data across numerous work streams. This requires gathering stakeholder input to build system architecture, managing high-level requirements to create detailed user stories, and implementing verification and validation to detect issues. Collaborating with various stakeholders while achieving standards compliance and competing in today’s marketplace requires a deeper level of traceability.

Organizations also must balance the needs of these various processes and teams with their continued use of best-of-breed tools – including Jira and Excel. While these purpose-build tools often bring efficiency and precision for specific work streams, spreading work across multiple tools makes maintaining and leveraging the benefits of traceability particularly challenging.

Ultimately, that’s why leading organizations leverage Live Traceability™, enabled by Jama Connect, in their product development process to eliminate delays, defects, cost overruns, and rework.

In this webinar, join our experts as they discuss:

  • The contrast between Live Traceability and after-the-fact traceability
  • How to achieve and benefit from Live Traceability
  • How the newly launched Jama Connect Interchange can help replace highly manual and time-consuming processes with an automated flow of information — even with Microsoft Excel