Transformative Airborne Systems Development

Put the digital thread to use and transform how you work.

Airborne systems require extremely rigorous development processes which in some cases are unimaginable to developers who have not done it before. Certification is expensive. Delays in certification due to lack of evidence of following mandated guidelines could spell the demise of a new startup. Mistakes in design and development could cost lives. Manual documentation or the use of legacy tools introduce risk.

Safety-critical engineering is required for every airborne systems manufacturer who must certify with FAA/EASA or comply with military guidelines. The Jama Connect for Airborne Systems Solution makes use of the digital thread and is designed to help you get started quickly. It provides you an out of the box framework specifically built to align with ARP 4754, DO-178C/ED-12C, DO-254/ED-80, and the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK).

Our updated framework now includes support for DO-254/ED80. The FAA, EASA, and Transport Canada use DO-254/ED-80 as the primary document by which certification is made.

In this webinar we’ll cover our digital thread approaches to:

  • Managing system, hardware, & software level planning
  • Definition and management of requirements at the system, software & hardware level
  • Managing traceability between requirements, verifications, and safety assessments
  • Working collaboratively internally and across the supply chain
  • Generation of evidence for reporting purposes