Launch Your Aerospace & Defense Product Development Processes with Jama Connect®

In this webinar, we discuss exciting new features in our updated Jama Connect® for Aerospace & Defense framework. These updates include refreshed solutions for cybersecurity, the DoD Range Safety Requirements Library, and other libraries of standards.

Also, Cary Bryczek, Solutions Director for Aerospace & Defense at Jama Software®, shares best practices in the Jama Connect platform and demonstrates significant new features that can help you further enhance your aerospace and defense product development processes, including:

  • ARP 4761A – Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment
  • DO-326A – Airworthiness Security Process Specification
  • US CFR Parts 21-57 Pre-imported Libraries and Usage
  • Defense MBSE and Digital Engineering Guidance
  • NASA and Air Force Range Safety Requirements
  • European Cooperate with Space Standards (ECSS) Pre-Imported Libraries