How to Manage Remote Collaboration for Product Development with Jama Connect

Jama Connect provides features that help remote engineering teams collaborate on their requirements and review their work in real time, no matter where they are.

Our autonomous transport customer Einride relies on those same collaborative features to communicate critical changes to remote teams as part of their daily operations. For example: Einride develops features at a fast pace, often enhancing the functionalities of their electric freight vehicles after they’re deployed. Teams need to react fast and change tracks if necessary — and collaborate with each other early in the process.

Jama Connect facilitates tight collaboration and ensures Einride develops the right functionalities under the correct requirements at the right time.

Sabina Söderstjerna

Team Lead

Matt Mickle

Senior Consultant
Jama Software

In a webinar co-hosted by Jama Software and Einride, you’ll learn:

  • How Jama Connect makes it easy to elicit feedback through actions in Jama’s collaboration stream.
  • How Einride uses Jama Connect features to make changes quickly in real-time and ensure requirements are updated effectively.
  • How to use Jama Connect to understand the progress of peers using different views.

About Einride: Swedish scale-up company Einride offers a complete Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) solution consisting of an intelligent Freight Mobility Platform and electrically powered, autonomous “pods”. This solution provides the economic case for the sustainable transformation of road freight, by substantially reducing both emissions and the cost of transport.