Eliminating Barriers to MBSE Adoption with Jama Software’s Companion MBSE

An organizational paradigm shift from document centric to model-based systems engineering can be daunting. The learning curve for systems engineers can be steep and the return on investment is often not immediately apparent.

In this workshop, we will show how Jama Software’s Companion MBSE can be used to eliminate common MBSE challenges and provide tactics to help teams eliminate the barriers to broader adoption. We will demonstrate how Jama Connect’s Companion MBSE can be used to streamline a collaborative, data-driven approach and provide more immediate systems engineering value to larger numbers of stakeholders.

In this live demonstration, we’ll cover:

• Using Jama Connect to facilitate implementation of MBSE

• Benefits of Companion MBSE to the broader stakeholder community

• Keys to eliminating documents

• Leverage OSLC and REST for Cross Tool linking