Effectively Managing Cybersecurity in Jama Connect® for Automotive and Semiconductor Industries

If you’re in the automotive or semiconductor industries – cybersecurity is likely top of mind.

Interested in learning how Jama Connect® can assist you in managing cybersecurity? View our webinar, “Effectively Managing Cybersecurity in Jama Connect for Automotive and Semiconductor Industries,” to see exactly how to create and manage a cybersecurity case in Jama Connect.

During this informative session, Kevin Dibble, Principal Consultant at Reinnovate Consulting, and Matt Mickle, Director of Automotive Solutions at Jama Software®, offer insights on how the right tooling solution can make a difference in managing a cybersecurity case.

In this webinar, attendees will see exactly how to:

  • Define cybersecurity goals, requirements, and concepts
  • Conduct threat analysis and risk assessment
  • Establish traceability to the architecture design and verification/validation of cybersecurity measures
  • Document the cybersecurity case and manage changes
  • Identify and classify assets for the subject of the cybersecurity case

Discover how Jama Connect can help you optimize your cybersecurity processes and stay ahead in the Automotive and Semiconductor industries. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and register now to unlock the platform’s immense potential.