DO-326 Airborne Security Assurance, Threat Modeling, and DevSecOps

Cyber vulnerabilities can have a significant impact on safety-critical systems.

Today there is an unprecedented level of digital interconnectivity in everything from vehicle sensors to rovers on the surface of Mars. The aerospace industry has a high degree of cyber connectedness where a negative impact could cause harm to not only aircraft but financial systems, company reputations, international relations, or even physical harm to humans and property.

During this informative session, Cary Bryczek, Director of Aerospace & Defense Solutions at Jama Software®, discusses how Jama Software applies a cybersecure-by-design approach to meeting DO-326A/DO-356A for aircraft systems and how this can be extended to the defense domain.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Applying the Airworthiness Security Assurance Process
  • Threat (attack) modeling methods
  • Tracing security measures to requirements and tests
  • The role of requirements in DevSecOps tool ecosystems