Critical Alignment for Security, Safety & Product Development Teams

Break down silos to unite teams for the future of vehicle technology!

Safety, security, and development teams tend to work in silos due to differing objectives, tooling, and methodologies; historical contexts; educational backgrounds; and even fundamental terminology.

The increasing interconnectivity of vehicles makes it hard to separate safety and security from development. In the complex world of software, teams must break down silos, foster collaboration, and streamline documentation to ensure agile development and adapt to evolving demands.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to have compliance teams speaking the same language
  • What we’re seeing and expecting from the industry to bring these specialized teams closer
  • How to keep security, safety, and development teams aligned using Live Traceability™
  • How to avoid rogue development and keep track of progress with Traceable Agile™ practices
  • Discover how Jama Connect® can empower Automotive and Semiconductor development teams to improve their end-to-end lifecycle and avoid costly rework.