Ask Jama: Tips and Tricks for More Effective Reviews

Reviews play a critical role in successful product and systems development. Unfortunately, organizations conducting reviews using Word documents and email often endure lengthy meetings, rework, missed deadlines, product design failures, or even expensive recalls. Luckily, reviews don’t have to be so hard.

Join Joel Hutchinson, Senior Product Manager, and Erin Wilson, Senior Consultant, for our webinar, “Ask Jama: Tips and Tricks for More Effective Reviews.”

We’ll cover how to define, manage, and improve your review process using Jama Connect Review Center and best practices for reviews based on learnings from our industry-leading customers.

In this webinar, we’ll also discuss:

  • Common challenges of reviews and collaboration
  • How to conduct formal and informal reviews in Jama Connect
  • Answers to common review questions from the Jama User Community
  • How teams can participate in reviews more effectively
  • The latest features that improve the review setup process and electronic signature requirements for FDA 21 CFR Part 11