Ask Jama Software: Rapid Optimization Workshops

Ensure you’re always taking full advantage of Jama Connect’s functionality to help your business succeed.

As your business evolves, you can realign your teams and optimize your processes around Jama Connect quickly and efficiently with the right guidance. A Jama Software Rapid Optimization Workshop helps you take that next step.

Watch the webinar to see if the workshop is right for you.

Preston Mitchell
Consultant Manager
Jama Software

The “Ask Jama Software: Rapid Optimization Workshop” webinar explains the benefits of participating in this informative workshop, including:

A comprehensive analysis of current processes.

  • In-depth training for new users and refreshers for current users.
  • Recommendations for configuration and process optimization.
  • A review of the positive impacts recent workshops had for other customers.
  • Watch the webinar to learn more about Jama Software’s Rapid Optimization Workshop and the difference it can make for your team.