Ask Jama: Getting Data In and Out Of Jama Connect

Our Ask Jama webinar series was designed to keep you up to date on new product information, best practices, and tips and tricks on how to best use the platform. By popular request, this episode will will focus on getting data in and out of Jama Connect, enabling effective collaboration resulting in reduced rework and minimized risk.

Steve Rush, a Jama Connect expert and a consultant from our Professional Services team, will be discussing options for getting data in and out of Jama Connect to create an ongoing exchange of requirements throughout the product development process.

Concepts he’ll cover will include:

  • Importing data into Jama Connect
    • Import options through Excel and Word
    • Options for creating data via the API
  • Exporting reports from Jama Connect
    • Available reports in Jama Connect
    • Customizing reports using Mail Merge
  • Creating custom Velocity reports
  • Leveraging custom Velocity reports using Jama Connect Professional Services and additional Velocity training