Achieving Automotive Engineering Excellence Without Requirements Management Frustration

While industry regulations provide some guidance when it comes to requirements management, every organization has to develop their own processes that match the product they are developing. A team’s requirements management process and the tools they use must also meet the everyday needs of engineers working on the product in order to support them, rather than hinder them.

In this webinar, automotive experts Adrian Rolufs (Automotive Solutions Lead at Jama Software) and Fabian Koark (CEO at INVENSITY) share best practices for establishing cutting edge requirements engineering for the automotive industry. This webinar will enable you to improve your requirements management and engineering process, no matter which regulations you follow or software you use.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Measure the performance of your existing requirements management and engineering activities
  • Find the right requirements management strategy for your organization
  • Analyze the needs and use-cases of the different engineering roles
  • Define and establish the right engineering layers and links to promote fast decomposition and transparent traceability