Solution Overview

Jama Connect® Pre-imported Library for eCFR Title 14, Chapter I, Subchapter C

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 14, Chapter I, Subchapter C, pertains to aviation regulations in the United States. Title 14 of the CFR, also known as the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), is a comprehensive set of rules governing civil aviation in the country. Title 14, Chapter I, Subchapter C is specifically concerned with aircraft, and is further divided into multiple parts. Each part covers specific aspects of aircraft regulation, including airworthiness standards, identification and registration, maintenance, and operational requirements. The regulations in this subchapter are designed to ensure air transportation safety by establishing standards for the design, production, and operation of aircraft.

eCFR Title 14, Chapter I, Subchapter C Integrator for Jama Connect® is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the integration of aviation regulations into your product development process.

In this solution overview, we cover key features and key benefits, including:  

  • Streamline compliance management with a pre-imported library of aviation regulations. 
  • Foster collaboration and improve decision-making with a visually consumable presentation of regulatory information. 
  • Track compliance in real-time with Live Traceability™, reducing risks and ensuring visibility at every stage of product development. 
  • Increase efficiency and save time and resources by automating the import and parsing process, allowing your team to focus on innovation. 
  • Leverage the comprehensive Airborne Systems 2.0 Dataset for enhanced aviation compliance management capabilities. 
  • Gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of regulatory changes with real-time insights through Live Traceability.