The Jama Software® Data Model Diagnostic

Is your data working for you? A consistent and scalable data model is instrumental for achieving Live Traceability™ and making data readily available across the development lifecycle.

Organizations make investments in software tools to improve their product development process, but they often forget to invest in their data. With the right data model, you can propagate information across systems development in a more seamless manner — enabling the ready availability of relevant data at different stages of the product lifecycle. Having a consistent and accurate data model directly influences Live Traceability™.

Developed by Jama Software®, the Data Model Diagnostic helps organizations understand data in their legacy tool (IBM® DOORS®), providing analytics that will help determine how to best transform the shape and size of your data and transition it into a model-based framework (Jama Connect™).

In this datasheet, we cover how Jama Software’s Data Model Diagnostic helps teams to evaluate data in IBM DOORS in order to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Increase traceability
  • Improve development efficiencies