Jama Connect OSLC Model Connector Datasheet

Learn how, using Jama Connect OSLC, you can search within external applications, display data that resides in external applications right inside of Jama Connect®, and create OSLC trace links between the data in Jama Connect and the external application elements.

Jama Connect’s robust requirements, test, and risk management platform coupled with the Smartfacts MBSE platform strengthens product quality and simplifies product development.

This joint solution supports the development of safety-critical products, reducing the time and effort needed to meet industry regulatory requirements.

Download this datasheet to see how Jama Connect OSLC + Smartfacts gives you:

  • Seamless integration with Smartfacts MBSE platform
  • Integrate with other model-based design tools
  • Automated traceability
  • A digital thread through all development activities