Jama Connect® and Isograph

The strategic partnership between Isograph and Jama Software® empowers organizations to meet their regulatory obligations by seamlessly linking requirements management with their safety and security analysis models. Integration ensures that product design teams comply with safety and security standards such as ISO 26262, ISO 21434, J3061, DO-356, ED-203, ARP 4761 and IEC 61508.

Isograph’s Reliability Workbench and AttackTree products are seamlessly linked to Jama Connect® ensuring the consistency and integrity of data. This enables the automation of requirements management linkage to safety and security methods such as fault and attack tree analysis, FMEA (failure mode effect analysis) and hazard assessment.

Learn more about the benefits of this partnership, including the ability to:

  • Automate the transfer of requirements between products for speeding up development
  • Maintain links and apply consistency checks to resolve issues
  • Verify quantitative goals and requirement coverage for validation
  • Eliminate the unnecessary repetition of data to avoid redundancy