Extending Live Traceability™ to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Jama Connect®

Jama Connect® is the ONLY solution that enables Live Traceability™ from requirements management to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Jama Connect empowers teams with increased visibility and control by enabling product development to be synchronized between people, tools, and processes across the end-to-end development lifecycle. With Jama Connect, teams can seamlessly link requirements to hardware specifications and product line engineering for complete traceability and impact analysis.

Download this datasheet to learn how, with Jama Connect teams can:

  • Manage and measure traceability at both the item and the project level
  • Manage projects by traceability exceptions
  • Analyze change impact broadly
  • Easily incorporate data into reports
  • Benefit from a single system of record
  • Track and report on collaboration