Customer Story

Vave Health Migrates to Jama Connect® to Accelerate Development and FDA Clearance

Vave Health is committed to revolutionizing the physician-patient experience through innovative, industry-transforming technologies. Their innovative handheld ultrasound device packs the ability to wirelessly connect with your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

After initially selecting Matrix Requirements, Vave Health found themselves constrained by the tool’s limited functionality and were ready for a change. Following a requirements management market analysis, Jama Connect® was selected and onboarded due to its ease of use and industry-leading functionality.

Read this customer story to see how now, with more confidence in their processes, Vave health has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Accelerate the release cadence from what previously took a couple weeks, down to a day or two 
  • Decrease generation of trace matrices from 30 days to one per project 
  • Scale development process with the ability to run multiple projects in parallel 
  • Maintain traceability and instantly identify coverage for verification and validation of requirements to respond to action items sooner in development