Customer Story

Revolutionary Surgical Robotics Company, Monogram Orthopedics, Selects Jama Connect® for Its Unique Cloud Based Services and Ease of Use

Monogram Orthopedics offers high-precision, just-in-time patient-matched implants that are press-fit into high-precision cavities prepared by a robotic system. By linking 3D printing and robotics via automated digital image analysis algorithms (machine learning), they are delivering a scalable solution for patient-specific load-bearing joint replacements.

In this customer story, we discuss why Monogram Orthopedics switched from Polarion® ALM to Jama Connect for faster time-to-market and an overall streamlined product development process. In this story, learn about the following positive outcomes they’ve experiences, including:

  • Review cycles are streamlined and more comprehensive
  • Efficient import and export capabilities allows team to continue working in their chosen best-of-breed tools
  • Time to value was almost immediate