Customer Story

Loram Rides the Fast Track to Software Safety with Jama Connect®

Loram’s reliance on Word and Excel documents to track software requirements, testing, and manage change was causing long project durations, with up to a year to close a particular project gate. The company needed a solution that would help them comply with the EN 50128 standards more efficiently by ensuring things like bidirectional traceability and proper test coverage. They also needed a solution that could be implemented and adopted quickly.

After an evaluation of IBM® DOORS® Next and Jama Connect® based on demos and trials, they chose Jama Connect as the right modern, user-friendly solution and Jama Software as the right kind of partner that they needed.

Read the full customer story to see how Loram selected Jama Connect and achieved:  

  • In use and producing results within six months   
  • Up to 24% reduction in software gate engineering hours  
  • Increased credibility and trust with assessment bodies