Customer Story

Global Industry Leading Automotive Application Developer dSPACE Migrates from Legacy Requirements Management Platform to Jama Connect®

As a rapidly growing, global company, dSPACE is continually looking for ways to stay ahead and optimize their development processes. As part of that initiative, dSPACE set out to find a requirements management solution that could replace (in places) and co-exist (in other places) with their legacy requirements management solution, IBM® DOORS®.

While DOORS has been a market leader for decades, and was initially onboarded at dSPACE in 2008, the team knew that their growth and ability to be agile required that they looked towards more modern solutions across their development landscape.

In this customer story, we discuss why dSPACE selected Jama Connect, their seamless migration, and how, even in the short amount of time they’ve been using the platform, they’ve seen the following positive outcomes:

  • Fits every team’s individual needs – from simple to highly complex
  • Strong cross-project collaboration
  • Participation from external partners and suppliers in Jama Connect
  • Out-of-the-box configurations and templates help dSPACE comply with key regulations and prepare for audits with less effort and time
  • Ongoing partnership with Jama Software for best practices, configuration help, and training