Customer Story

FORT Robotics Selects Jama Connect® to Replace Google Sheets for Product Development

As an emerging leader in building trusted controls for robotics and autonomous systems, FORT required the ability to manage requirements while meeting strict industry standards. The company was using Google Sheets and Confluence; however, it continuously ran up against productivity roadblocks.

With a future focused on growing profitability, FORT needed a way to manage requirements within its product portfolio more efficiently. Existing tools, including Google Sheets, Confluence, and an Atlassian Requirements Plugin created potential risks, such as missing requirements and test coverage issues. The team was also frustrated by existing processes and wanted a user-friendly tool to integrate seamlessly with Jira.

In this customer story, we cover the numerous benefits FORT realized after switching to Jama Connect, including:  

  • Reduction of requirements approval time to minutes from weeks  
  • 30%+ increase in reuse of design requirements  
  • 30%+ decrease in rework 
  • 30%+ improvement in communication and collaboration 
  • 15% reduction in audit preparation time