Customer Story

Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Program Teaches Modern Software Engineering Using Jama Connect®

As a professor of Software Engineering for master’s students at Carnegie Mellon, Cécile Péraire teaches with a hands-on approach. Each semester, students are asked to select one real-world challenge, and to come up with a software product that could help address the challenge. In the past, students have selected challenges like wildfires, food waste, and homelessness.

When Péraire set out to find a requirements management solution for her requirements engineering and interaction design course, she had a set of very specific criteria, such as the new platform must be cloud-based, have robust capabilities, customizable, and have an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use.

After evaluating all available solutions, Péraire determined that Jama Connect® stood out as the leader and fit her needs the best.

Read the full customer story to hear the outcomes, including:

  • Improved review processes
  • Enhanced visibility into revision history
  • Effective collaboration