New Research Findings: The Impact of Live Traceability™ on the Digital Thread

Examine new industry research that highlights the reasons for the growing interest in digital thread and learn how Live Traceability™ enables the digital thread to reduce risk, save cycle time, and improve product quality.

The digital thread is a measurable data-driven architecture that links together information generated from across the product lifecycle and is envisioned to be the primary or authoritative data and communication platform for a company’s products at any instance of time.

During this session, James Roche, Practice Director of Aerospace & Defense at CIMdata, Inc and Cary Bryczek, Director of Aerospace & Defense Solutions at Jama Software®, report on key findings from recent research on digital thread conducted by CIMdata on behalf of the Aerospace and Defense PLM Action Group — and in collaboration with Jama Software and other solution providers. The shared objective of this research was to gain an understanding of the needs and opportunities within industry that will inform digital thread solution strategies and roadmaps and guide industrial implementations.

Finally, learn how Jama Software’s industry-leading platform, Jama Connect®, helps teams manage requirements with Live Traceability across the systems development process for proven cycle time reduction and quality improvement.