Manage by Exception: Data-driven Practices to Improve Product Quality

Curious how data-driven practices unlock successful product delivery?

Our webinar explores the transformative approach of managing by exception in reducing product failure risk. Discover why managing by data is crucial, how data “exceptions” uncover gaps, and real-life examples in product development.

During this informative session, Preston Mitchell, VP, Global Solutions at Jama Software®, offers insights on how Jama Connect® helps teams proactively prevent gaps in requirement quality and traceability to streamline their product delivery process.

In this webinar, you’ll will learn:

  • Why data-based management is important
  • The definition of a data “exception” and how it uncovers gaps
  • Examples of “exceptions” in daily product development and requirements management
  • How Jama Connect’s unique features, such as Advanced Filters and Dashboards, can help your team manage by exception
  • How to proactively prevent exceptions using Jama Connect Advisor™ and Live Traceability

Discover how Jama Connect can help your team manage by exception and navigate product development with precision.