Compliance Made Easy with Jama Connect® for Automotive and Semiconductor Development

Evaluate your compliance against ASPICE, ISO26262 or ISO21434 with Diagnostic Services Offerings from Jama Software.

During the webinar, Jama Software® experts Steve Rush, Principal Consultant, and Sampath Yerramalla, Senior Consultant, will explore various service offerings within Jama Connect that provide insights into compliance status against these critical automotive standards.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Learn about available diagnostic offerings in Jama Connect, such as: ASPICE, ISOS26262, and ISO21434
  • Learn about the benefits of diagnostic offerings, how they will expose risks to compliance, and which one is best for your organization
  • See firsthand how Jama Connect helps teams reduce unacceptable risks

Discover how Jama Connect can empower Automotive and Semiconductor development teams to evaluate and ensure compliance.