Accelerate Your Automotive Development Requirements Management with Jama Connect®

Jama Connect® for Automotive is designed to help you get ramped up quickly with a single platform, training, and documentation aligned to industry standards and regulations including ISO21434:2021, ISO 26262:2018, and ASPICE, while applying a proven systems engineering approach to product development.

Jama Connect’s automotive solution is a complete set of frameworks, example projects, and procedural documentation intended to accelerate the implementation of Jama Connect for organizations developing complex automotive systems and components.

In this session, join Steve Rush, Principal Consultant, and Sampath Yerramalla, Senior Consultant, at Jama Software® to learn:

  • How Jama Connect customers reduce their deployment time using our powerful automotive solution
  • How the Jama Connect for Automotive addresses ISO 21434 for cybersecurity in road vehicles
  • How existing customers can take advantage of Jama Connect’s new updates to our automotive solution