Why Choose Jama Connect® Over Microsoft Word and Excel Documents for Requirements Management

For decades, Word and Excel documents have been used to keep track of product information. While suitable for smaller, simpler products, document-based requirements management doesn’t scale for larger, more complex products, software, and systems development. Manually updating and sharing disparate documents becomes inefficient and unreliable with numerous changes and review cycles across multiple teams and stakeholders.

Jama Connect is the leading dedicated requirements management solution and clearly stands out above Word and Excel for overall customer satisfaction, user experience, collaboration, reviews, and approvals.

Learn about the key benefits of Jama Connect:

  • Automated Processes
  • Live Traceability
  • Accelerated Compliance
  • Powerful Collaboration
  • Best-of-Breed Tool Integrations
  • Scalable, Secure, Flexible Multi-Tenant Cloud