How to Achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira® for Software Development Teams

To better support development, change management, and collaboration, teams must achieve requirements traceability across siloed stakeholders and tools.

Most software development teams have chosen Jira® as their preferred task management tool and refuse to switch to cumbersome legacy ALM tools that would negatively impact their productivity. Attempts to try and achieve Live Traceability™ with Jira or Jira plugins break down quickly as the complexity of approvals, versioning, change impact analysis, and baselines overwhelm a task management approach.

The best practice approach implemented by hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike, is to use Jama Connect to create Live Traceability across a best-of-breed toolchain including Jira or Azure DevOps for the software development team.

In this datasheet, we demonstrate how these two best-in-breed tools work together to help teams:

  • Stay aligned to market and user needs
  • Maintain visibility into downstream development
  • Eliminate late-stage rework and quality gaps due to misalignment
  • Support a formal change management process