Customer Story

Microsurgical Robot Developer, Microsure, Leverages Jama Connect® to Ease the Path to Compliance and Speed Time to Market

Founded in 2016 by Eindhoven University of Technology and Maastricht University Medical Center, Microsure is the developer of the first clinically available CE-certified surgical robot for microsurgery.

After initially struggling with a documents-based system, Microsure set out to find a requirements management platform that would allow them to move faster and be more efficient. They quickly ruled out all other solutions, including Intland codebeamer, and selected Jama Connect®.

In this customer story, we examine how leveraging Jama Connect has already resulted in these wins:

  • The ability to involve all team members in the development process, even non-technical stakeholders  
  • Realizing an easier path to regulatory compliance thanks to increased professionalism with regulators, efficient change management, and automatic regulatory documentation generation  
  • Decreased time to market