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F.L.O.P Analysis: Why Most New Products Fail In the Market

Before you invest in building new products, read the valuable lessons learned by a former Google Engineering Director and seasoned entrepreneur.

Belly flop. Crushing defeat. Dead in the water. Hero to zero. Failure’s not flattering no matter how you describe it. The realization that you worked so hard and lost, or didn’t climb as high as you forecasted, is a painful experience.

But to actually learn from failure we need logic, and that’s a high hurdle to jump when you’re feeling disappointed. It feels better—and is a common habit among entrepreneurs—to quickly distance oneself from failure and devote all energy and resources to “the next thing.”

Yet, the educational and financial benefits of spending some time assessing the causes of product failure are tremendous, and, as Alberto Savoia presents, preventative medicine against the failure of future endeavors.

Alberto, formerly of Google and originator of the brilliant theory of “pretotyping,” has created a product builder’s philosophy that encourages a healthy, objective, and best of all, productive analysis of failure that takes the pain out of failure and improves ideas, the work, the people and processes behind the collective effort, and the results.

Jama Software commissioned Alberto to present his research on product pretotyping. This eBook, a condensed version of his preliminary research, teaches you steps you can take to greatly minimize your risk of loss. Lessons include:

  1. The Law of Market Failure: How acknowledging the data behind this hard truth increases your odds of success.
  2. F.L.O.P. Analysis: Understanding Failure in Launch, Operation or Premise, and the differences between them all.
  3. Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask. Data Beats Opinions:  Before you invest in building—or even prototyping—your new product you can use pretotypes to quickly (and inexpensively) validate many of your assumptions.