Keep Complexity in Products, Not Requirements Management

Cost efficiency. Risk reduction. Quality management. Short life cycles. All these elements of a successful product development process can also create pressure points that disrupt progress. That’s why learnings from one round of requirements must be applied to the next. Integrations must work. Software must update. Quality and security standards must hold.

Capture real-time data learnings within the requirements.

Evaluate risk proactively

Perform risk analysis early and continuously throughout your development process. Standard FMEA templates minimize the amount of setup time for risk analysis based on guidance from IEC 60812. Spend less time on setup and more time on what’s important: identifying and mitigating risk.

real time communication

Real-time collaboration

Achieve faster input and feedback cycles, reducing product development timelines and getting your product to market faster with real-time collaboration.

test management

Test management

Ensure your quality assurance teams execute test plans that directly associate with requirements and features.


Accuracy, Speed and Agility

Successful consumer electronic device development requires a collective sprint forward. To compete and win, teams need to stay in sync and focus resources.

Jama Connect organizes all the product development data your teams must track and gives it context. Stakeholders and engineers can find what they need and act when short-window opportunities open. Aim for the finish line, not what you left behind.

The impact analysis tool allows you to act fast and see how changes will impact upstream and downstream requirements.
live traceability

Live Traceability

Gain real-time visibility to assess issues early and address them quickly — before costly modifications are required.

requirements reuse

Requirements reuse

Help your teams move faster, stay focused and maintain momentum by repurposing requirements that work.

impact analysis

Impact analysis

Understand precisely which people and what work will be impacted before any changes are made.

customer experience

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