Jama for Consumer Electronics

Meet evolving connectivity and security challenges faster and effectively manage risks, costs, quality and short product cycles.

Capture real-time data learnings within the requirements

Keep complexity in its place: in products and out of RM

Cost efficiency. Risk reduction. Quality management. Short life cycles. Each is another pressure point. All can disrupt progress.

Meanwhile, you monitor and respond to the ways consumers interact with connected products. You must apply learnings to the next round of requirements and to continuous development. Integrations must work, software must update and quality and security standards must hold.

Work faster without disruption. Let Jama track it all.

Decision tracking

Organizes and tracks all information needed to make quality decisions quickly and accurately. Find out more about decision tracking.

Real-time collaboration

Enables faster input and feedback cycles, reducing product development timelines and getting your product to market faster. Read more on Real-time collaboration.

Test management

Ensures your quality assurance teams execute test plans that directly associate with requirements and features. Learn more about Test management.

Be accurate, quick and able to capitalize on opportunities

Successful consumer electronic device development requires a collective sprint forward. To compete and win, teams need to stay in sync and focus resources.

Jama organizes all the product development data your teams must track and gives it context so stakeholders and engineers can find what they need and act when short-window opportunities open. Aim for the finish line, not what you left behind.

The impact analysis tool allows you to act fast and see how changes will impact upstream and downstream requirements


Gives real-time visibility so issues can be assessed and addressed early and quickly before costly modifications are required. Learn more about Traceability.

Requirements reuse

Helps teams move faster and maintain momentum. Repurposes what works to keeps teams focused and productive. Read more about Requirements reuse.

Impact analysis

Understand precisely which people and what work will be impacted before any changes are made. Learn more about Impact Analysis.