Systems Engineering Innovation

Developing complex systems with disconnected tools or a document-based development process is an enormous challenge. Meeting the demands of modern systems engineering requires more teams be connected to the development process and have a clear understanding of the big picture. It also requires optimizing the review and approval process during various regulatory checkpoints and integrating the entire development ecosystem for end-to-end, actionable traceability including verification and validation.

Review Center
Jama Connect’s Review Center allows systems developers to leverage higher levels of stakeholder collaboration and build those bridges between government, contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Live Traceability

Link and decompose requirements at every level, from program, operational and system requirements to lower-level software and hardware requirements. Jama Connect™ transforms traceability into what it was always meant to be.

Verification and validation

Seamlessly manage the traceability of test cases you use for verification and validation within Jama Connect, and provide evidence to comply with government regulations and standards, including DO-178C, ARP-4754, DO-254 and DO-170.

Change management

With fine-grained impact analysis providing instant data insight, you can make informed decisions as requirements evolve. Don’t let long development cycles or shifts in mission, cost or technology compromise quality or slow you down.

“Jama has helped us dramatically shrink the time it takes for us to collaborate on a mission”

Rakesh Narasimhan, Chief Operating Officer
Spaceflight Industries

Quickly Identify and Mitigate Risks

Commercial and military aerospace systems require strict attention to safety-critical regulations, as well as continuous innovation and fast-paced development to remain competitive. With the Jama Product Development Platform, you can work to build future defense systems at lower cost with shorter timelines using agile acquisition.

The Jama Product Development Platform provides a collaborative voice across acquisition, development and integration teams to define, validate and verify requirements. Rest easy that risks are accounted for and mitigated early—at every stage of development.

Use the impact analysis tool to see how changes to requirements will impact both upstream and downstream requirements.

Accelerate reviews and approvals

Share criteria among government, suppliers and sub-contractors, and achieve greater collaboration across them all to achieve the consensus you seek.

Virtualized control boards

Built-in collaboration technology lets teams capture all communication in a central system alongside system data. Review items linked to related conversations, questions or reasoning at any point, and archive them afterward.

Decision tracking

Request decisions on changes within the context of items, project and stamp-made decisions. Transparent decision making gives you clarity and saves your teams time.

Improve Visibility

Jama Analyze™ dashboards provide views into the product development lifecycle and patterns of risk across projects and time. Group metrics by team, product or audience, so information is shared at the right level of detail with project leads, team members and leaders.

See it in Action

This six-minute overview illustrates how to use Jama Connect to build aerospace systems when having to comply with DO-178, DO-254 and ARP4754. Activate your free, 30-day trial.

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